In 2007  I was approached by some local parents at his basketball camp and they asked if I was interested in doing individual training with their kids.  I had never thought to do that before, but I decided to help a few kids out.  The major improvement I saw with a knowledgeable,  dedicated voice and consistent practice repetitions was astounding.

This led to them telling their friends.  Then one of the folks mentioned that most of the local boys in the Palos area and Orland Park play baseball all year around,  and don’t play basketball in the winter months, except for 12 games if they were lucky enough to make the junior high teams.

My idea was to put a team together for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and have them practice 1-2 times per week.  I also wanted them to play in a league game every week and 9 tournaments  so they were actually playing 35+ full court games each winter from Nov 1-March 1.  I didn’t want the parents to have to travel too far in winter to tournaments, so I tried to keep those within a 30 minute ride of our base area.  I put a free notice in the Palos Regional paper about boys basketball tryouts ,and the Southside Shooters Boys Club was born.

From that 4 teams and 37 families has grown to 9 teams and 83 families annually.  Our teams have consistently become more competitive as they progress to the 6th-7th and 8th grade levels.

This year we are starting a 4th grade team and I expect some talented 3rd grade children to tryout as well.

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